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"Thank you so much for your gorgeous article and for capturing the story so beautifully."


Pippa Best, founder of Sea Soul Blessings

"Working with Bryony over the past 18 months has been an absolute pleasure. She is creative, professional, personable and when it comes to case studies, she does her best to put you at ease, which is so important. Her writing is second to known, and when she read back my piece for Prima, it sounded exactly like me, and that is a rare art. I hope to work with Bryony again in the future and really see her as a rising star in the world of media." 

Natalie Trice, business and career coach

"Bryony was consistently hard working, efficient and enthusiastic both in the office and out on shoots. Professional and smiley, Bryony impressed the whole team from day one and has been asked back multiple times to help out with the style desk at the magazine."

Matilda Stanley, Closer magazine

"Bryony has assisted me on several shoots and I can say with confidence what a great help she has been, quick to learn, enthusiastic and hard working. Bryony works well under instruction and shows her own initiative. Working in a fast paced environment, Bryony has proved her ability to cope well under pressure with accuracy. I would not hesitate to recommend Bryony as a asset to any team."

Natalie Read, celebrity stylist

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